We love New England and we want to make sure that it remains a healthy, beautiful place for future generations.  We take great pride in our work and we follow a set of three core principles.


We understand the importance of respecting our clients, their neighbors, and the community in which they live. On every job we promise you will find us to be professional, friendly, and personable. We will always give you an honest answer and we will treat your property with great care. We view our clients as part of our family and we approach every job as if we were working at our own home. Respect is key for building and maintaining positive relationships, and is essential for maintaining the quality of our work.

Attention to Detail

The old sayings, "getting it right the first time" and "neatness counts," mean a lot to us. We believe that an attentiveness to small details is just as important as an eye for beauty and sophisticated design. Taking a few extra minutes to take soil samples, do percolation tests, or make additional measurements during an initial site visit can provide information that will have a direct impact on major elements like plant selection or installation specifications. We find that the "small" details are often indicators of environmental conditions that influence the health and longevity of your landscape. Likewise, having an eye for detail assures us that your yard is always clean and well-manicured after we leave. We make an extra effort to extend our services beyond the basic scope of a project to bring your property to a higher level of aesthetic beauty and vitality.

Environmentally Conscious

The land we inhabit is part of a complex system run by environmental processes and the laws of nature. When we allow our land to be removed from this system, the natural processes begin to break down and the health of our environment begins to fail. We believe that every property must be managed in an ecologically sustainable manner. Our approach is to reconnect your property to the natural ecosystem while minimizing disturbance to existing species and soils in the process. We try to re-use as many materials as possible on-site by leaving or transplanting existing plants and incorporating rocks and other found building materials into our designs. We never use synthetic fertilizers and avoid pesticides at all costs. Our designs incorporate native plants to provide food and habitat for wildlife. We use permaculture principles to create landscapes that can be highly productive with very few outside inputs. We source materials from local vendors whenever possible and try our best to restrict the use of gasoline-powered equipment.