There is nothing more satisfying (or healthy!) than having a meal made from ingredients that were grown and harvested from your own property.

We strive to make meaningful connections between our clients and their land. Through our Home Supported Agriculture (HSA) program, we can turn a section of your property into a productive garden that supplies you with fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit throughout the growing season. Think of the HSA as a farm-share or community-supported agriculture program that takes place on your own property.

The HSA is a collaborative effort. While we offer periodic maintenance of your garden, it is up to you to check on your plants frequently and tend to small tasks. Working in the garden is a great way for you and your family to connect with the outdoors, relax, and learn about nature. We are confident you will find the experience rewarding, especially after your first harvest.

Our HSA program includes:

  • Consultation to discuss ideas and goals

  • Site assessment and design recommendations

  • Garden construction and plant installation

  • Custom-tailored maintenance plan

  • Education on agricultural and gardening practices