Rain is an essential input for the environment, yet most human-designed landscapes drain the rain off of the land surface where it enters storm water sewer systems, or at worst, surface and coastal waters. Through low impact development features, runoff can be captured and treated on site, treating stormwater as a resource, rather than a waste product.

As human populations increase, so too does the development of the land surface. Unfortunately, the alteration of the landscape generally results in an increase in impervious surfaces thus leading to higher volumes of stormwater. Stormwater is water from rain or snow melt that runs off of roofs, parking lots, and roadways carrying sediment and contaminants which eventually go into our ponds, streams, and coastal waters causing pollution and depleted ecosystems.

Low impact development (LID) and related "green infrastructure" can help to reduce the impact stormwater has on our environment. Unlike a traditionally engineered stormwater treatment system, LID captures runoff and treats it on site. This is accomplished through specialized landscape design that makes use of simple environmental science and engineering principles. LID features, such as rain gardens, swales, and permeable hardscapes, can make a dramatic reduction in stormwater runoff, thereby limiting the level of contaminants going into our beaches, lakes, and rivers. Implementation of LID also helps to reduce the high maintenance and operating costs that municipalities must pay to keep storm drains and water treatment plants functioning properly.

At BSB Landscape and Garden we have a strong background in working on environmental projects and we understand the technical specifications that go into designing, installing, and maintaining LID features. We offer a full complement of LID services, including design consultations, construction, and specialized maintenance. We are happy to work with residential and commercial clients, as well as municipalities and non-profit organizations. If you have questions regarding stormwater utility credits, MS4 permitting, or other regulations, let us know!

Low Impact Development

  • Green infrastructure
  • Stormwater management
  • Rain gardens
  • Swales
  • Bioretention
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • LID maintenance
  • Permeable hardscapes